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Broadband Explained

The various types of broadband connection are explained below. i7 Technologies can advise and assist with each of these options.

ADSL – up to 24mb

ADSL broadband is a connection provided over your standard copper analogue telephone lines PSTN. If you already have an existing PSTN phone line, i7 Technologies can add our broadband to your existing line, if you haven’t got a spare line i7 Technologies have a direct relationship with Openreach and can arrange installation for you normally within 10 working days. ADSL provides a high-quality, reliable connection, but if you are located far away from your telephone exchange, or if the cable has degraded, then speeds can drop dramatically. 24mb speed is rarely achieved with this product and it could be as little as 1mb.

FTTC – up to 80mb

Fibre broadband is otherwise known as ‘super-fast broadband’ or Fibre to the Cabinet. Fibre-optic works by sending beams of light down a cable, reflected along using glass or plastic, which allows for a much faster transmission of data. Openreach install fibre optic cables to your local exchange to increase the speed of your broadband connection from your business or home. i7 Technologies offers this broadband solution to both homes and businesses so that you too can take advantage of this technological advancement. Did You Know that FTTC still uses your PSTN copper analogue phone line from your local exchange to provide the connection? Depending on the quality of your copper line and how far you are away from your local exchange speeds can vary dramatically, on average our customers gain speeds between 30mb & 50mb, again i7 Technologies can normally provide this solution within 10 working days.

Leased Lines – Fibre Ethernet – up to 1000Mb

Fibre optic cable is installed straight into your business premises. An Internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product which provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds and is full-duplex. It is also known as an Ethernet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit or private line.i7 Technologies can normally install this product within 60 working days and whichever speed you decide to have is the actual speed you will receive within a few megabytes.

Microwave Broadband

Depending on your location i7 Technologies can provide a Microwave solution to give you broadband connectivity. Speeds depend upon location. Our fixed wireless broadband is an alternative broadband solution for rural areas. Wireless internet requires no line rental or phone line, so there are no hidden costs.