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What are the benefits of CCTV


Here at i7 Technologies we provide our customers with a huge amount of choice on a range of features, including image quality, camera design and price. This means that our equipment can be easily tailored to your budget and requirements, leaving you with a security system that suits your business.


Our IP camera lenses have a wider coverage, so whilst they are more expensive than standard CCTV cameras, you will need to purchase less of them to cover the same area.


Most IP CCTV systems arrive inbuilt with analytics ability, meaning you don’t have to make an extra investment in analytics software.


Often in the case of  IP cameras, a better resolution of image can be obtained due to the greater amount of megapixels. This also allows you superior clarity when zooming in on your pre-recorded footage.

Easy to use

Even if you are not very tech savvy, our cameras could be ideal for you as they are easy to use and understand.


Our CCTV camera systems are expandable, which is useful for the future, If you can only afford a certain number of cameras at the beginning, you will always have the option to include new cameras should your business expand or require extra security.

Simple installation

Generally our CCTV systems are easy to install, meaning your new security system can be up and running in no time.