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Our best-ever cloud telephone system

A new way of working together

Cloudya is a cloud-based phone system that offers powerful features for your business  communications. It makes sure your teams stay connected and work more efficiently together, no matter where they are and what devices they’re using.

Free your business communications

Cloudya makes it easier than ever for you to ensure seamless internal and external  communications while, at the same time, reducing costs. Maximise uptime and maintain business continuity & flexibility even when your employees work remotely.

Cloudya. It’s that simple.

Cloudya is easy to set up, fast to configure, and easy to integrate into your existing communication infrastructure.

It boosts productivity and reduces costs by employing innovative features including:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Complete app suite for all your needs
  • One login and phone number for seamless collaboration
  • Freedom of communication – anywhere, any time, any device.

Break the chains of traditional solutions

Our cloud-based phone system is much more cost-effective than a traditional landline, speeding up interactions and maximising your productivity.

  • Super easy to set up with 2FA or app installation
  • Agile and efficient interactions between colleagues and customers
  • Central management from anywhere, including multi-site and home office scenarios
  • Use modern devices and processes for reduced costs
  • Fast and flexible scaling to help your business grow
  • Transparent pricing – increase or decrease your monthly plan according to your needs
  • Reliable enterprise-grade solution with high-level data protection and GDPR conformance

You only need an internet connection

Get full PBX functionality even outside the office. Cloudya’s versatile interface works seamlessly from laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices, giving employees the freedom to work how and where they want.

Make life easier for your employees

  • Better team performance and efficiency with consistent user interfaces
  • Powerful features across all devices
  • More accessible communication between internal teams, customers, and suppliers
  • Better collaboration = faster resolution of queries for increased customer satisfaction
  • One solution for all workers, including many different use cases
  • Seamless work environments for employees working from home, the office, or on the go.