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CONNECTIVITY is a major issue in both rural environments and in rural towns and cities. We often hear in the press that business relies on connectivity but often in our communities the fast speeds enjoyed by the larger cities are just not attainable and therefore more innovative solutions are required to provide businesses in rural areas with useable options for connections to cloud services.

We have the ability to offer clients solutions from the standard broadband and fibre connections to leased line, private wireless connections, to satellite and then to 4G routers and solutions for those who have no wire or fibre based alternatives.

We use several providers for connectivity services, but we provide the contact for both provision and ongoing support to ensure that you have the highest possible availability. We still have to rely on Openreach for installations in the majority of instances where wires are concerned, however we can provide emergency support with 4G provision where required to overcome problems that can generally be in place and operational within 12 hours.

Example: We have just completed an installation for a client who could only get 1.5Mb download speeds in their new premises, We found that they had a good 4G signal and have provided a solution allowing 100Gb of data per month at a very a reasonable cost which has revolutionised the business. Although 4G is more expensive than traditional FTTC or ADSL solutions with control of usage, ideally via a firewall router with reporting, the solution is sustainable for any business.

If you are struggling with connectivity for your business, then let us discuss your requirements and the possible solutions in your area by calling our team: 01978 788 888

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