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Microsoft Office 365 Business

Office 365 is a subscription-based service featuring a suite of programs and services designed to help you to work and to grow your business. It contains all the applications you know and love – Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint alongside other applications new to the party such as Flow, Forms, Power BI and Teams.

Microsoft Office 365 is hosted on the Cloud and provides the perfect solution, whatever size of business, number of employees or the sites to be covered.

Microsoft Office 365 enables your business to keep up to date with the latest developments and we make this happen across a range of devices and locations. We know that you expect to be able to work and stay connected wherever you are. Whether you are working from home or away on a business trip, you need easy access to e-mails, documents and the ability to work as a team even when colleagues are scattered all over the world.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Put simply, it’s a subscription service that gives your business access to a host of services, such as Microsoft Office, the Cloud and Skype for Business, among others. It is designed to make your business more productive and efficient, while reducing hardware and associated running costs. The key features are:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server. This lets you receive, edit and share documents all within Outlook.
  • Microsoft Teams. Quickly and easily set up virtual meetings with important clients or team members. Conference calls, audio, video and text chat.
  • SharePoint. This is a document management and storage system that’s designed to be easily adaptable for different types of business.
  • Microsoft Office Online. You can create, edit and share files using web browser versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

How can i7 Tech help with Microsoft Office 365?

We can work to make Microsoft Office 365 happen for your business by taking care of all of the processes around setup, installation and maintenance. i7 Technologies can take care of setting up your hosted Microsoft Office 365 tenant, which mean your employees can then use it in the office, from home or on the go seamlessly. It’s a scalable and tailored service for your business; you can choose the parts you need in the first instance and then add users and features as your business grows.

  • Easy to use and seamless. Most people are already Microsoft users, so they require minimal training to use Microsoft Office 365.
  • Allows documents and files to be shared, ensuring that everyone has the latest versions at their fingertips.
  • Secure and Cloud hosted. Keeping important and sensitive files safe.
  • Easily scalable as your business needs change. As the business grows, new features and functionality can be added, and new users can be created and devices added. Similarly, if there is a need to reduce the number of users or cancel a feature this is simple to do.
  • Can form part of your disaster recovery plan, as whatever happens all your files, data and contacts are held securely on the Cloud.
  • Easily synced with mobile devices, as so much work is now done on laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Affordable, reducing capital and operational costs. You will not need to buy new copies of Microsoft Office; new users can be added to the subscription when needed.

Ongoing Office 365 Support

Once you are using Office 365 you will want to make the most of your subscription. We can help in all areas of this.  We can relieve you of the administrative burden of licencing and billing. We will administer your account adding and removing users on your behalf and ensuring that these users have the correct licence applied to their role and needs.

Not only can we help your business to get the maximum benefit from Office 365, we will help your colleagues with training sessions and product familiarisation

Licensing Solutions

Regardless of the size of your organisation we can help with your ongoing Office 365 licencing costs and administration. Licences can be transferred or purchased and assigned to your users. With our simple billing platform, you will know where you are at all times. Need a user adding or removing – simply tell us and we’ll take care of the administration for you.

Backing up Microsoft Office 365

Because Office 365 is in “the cloud” there is a misconception that backups are taken care of. They are not. Office 365 is High Availability which means your files and emails are available to you (subject to you having an internet connection) but should you or your team delete a file or an email – it’s gone! There are retention policies that can be adjusted, but once the deleted item is out of the scope of these, it cannot be recovered. Unsurprisingly, a whole industry has emerged in Office 365 backups with options available starting at a few pounds per user per month. Customers are increasingly choosing to back up this essential service.