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NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams

Raise the bar for your internal and external communication

A choice of options to meet the telephony needs of your business within the familiar Microsoft Teams* environment

The world has changed. To support the new ‘working from anywhere’ culture, NFON offers a choice of integrated telephony solutions, Premium and Standard, to enable PSTN Connection from within Microsoft Teams*


Microsoft Teams* integration with Cloudya, for those requiring an enterprise and feature-rich solution:

  • Allows connection with analogue devices (fax, analogue phones and analogue DECT systems)
  • Multiple DDIs for a phone extension or services such as queue, group or IVR
  • Extensive and flexible call forwarding options
  • Capability to integrate with CRM platforms
  • Call-Pull: A user can seamlessly hand over a call-in progress to another device on the same extension
  • Caller ID restriction: End-user can suppress their Caller ID to hide their number
  • Professional switch board to transfer calls
  • Voicemail retrieval via any phone
  • Up to 10 call forwarding profiles
  • eFax extension can be configured to replace existing analogue fax machines or fax servers


Microsoft Teams* integration with Nconnect Voice (SIP Trunk), for those who just need a basic PSTN connection:

  • Standard call handling
  • One DDI per user or resource account
  • Voicemail can only be retrieved from the Microsoft Teams* app
  • Allows basic call transfers
  • One default call forwarding profile

Benefits for your business

  • Easily reduce overheads, changing the need for large office spaces
  • Increase trust by allowing remote work to happen whenever required
  • Increase operational flexibility and reachability
  • Reduced travel and carbon footprint
  • Reduce costs and boost profitability

Benefits for your teams

  • › Manage working time around remote work, such as home office and
    business travels
  • Better work efficiency with an all-in-one tool
  • Less time wasted navigating through different tools
  • Reliable and secure instant access to colleagues and clients
  • All communication functions just a click away