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Share intelligence in real time between your endpoints and firewall.

Advanced attacks are more co-ordinated than ever before. Now, your defences are too. We are revolutionising security by sychronising next-generation network security and next-generation endpoint security giving you unparalleled protection.

Synchronising your security system

To stop sophisticated threats, you need security products that work together as a system protecting your users and corporate data across all points of the network. With Sophos synchronised security, that’s exactly what you get. The Sophos Security Heartbeat shares intelligence in real time across a
trusted channel between your endpoints and your firewall. This simple step of synchronising security products that previously operated independently creates more effective protection against advanced malware and targeted attacks.

Active identification of compromised systems

IP addresses make it easy for computers to communicate, but they don’t make it simple for IT professionals to track down compromised computers. Thanks to Security Heartbeat, your firewall has all the information you need to respond quickly: the name of the computer that’s misbehaving, the user who’s logged in, and the file path of the process that’s sending malicious traffic. Now you can spend your time fixing the problem instead of finding the problem. 

Accelerated discovery of advanced threats

Ding! Your firewall is alerting you to suspicious traffic coming from somewhere on your network. But what’s causing it? With the Security Heartbeat, Sophos Firewall OS instantly and automatically communicates to the suspect system exactly
what the firewall is detecting. The Sophos next-gen endpoint protection agent immediately uses that information to discover the process behind the threat.


Automated incident response

If a computer is infected, do you really want it connecting to the Internet, where it can leak data or get instructions from an attacker? Security Heartbeat automates the important step of isolating compromised endpoints. Devices share their current security status with the Sophos Firewall OS, which instantly applies a customizable policy to restrict or isolate infected systems. It’s endpoint and network working synchronously to thwart the latest threats and prevent breaches.