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Server Racks and Patch Panels

Server racks are such useful bits of kit to have in your office. Server are always such a mess of hardware and wires that you need a rack to contain it neatly and in a usable manner. At i7 Technologies we pride ourselves on neat and tidy structured cabling installations knowing that it encourages work and professionalism, that’s why it is such a important part of what we do here.

Great selection of products

i7 Technologies supplies a wide range of attractive server racks, we can advise about the best options to suit your business needs whether that be a floor standing rack, wall mounted rack or an IP rated rack for a warehouse environment. Importantly, all our server racks are designed to accommodate the original equipment manufacturer’s servers, such as Fujitsu and Dell, so you can be sure that it will all fit together properly. We also offer installation services, because we know how difficult this process can be. We want to ensure that your system works properly from the start.

Racks can accommodate standard sized components, so you can buy other network hardware that fits into them. You can get rack mountable firewalls and network switches – here at i7 Tech we want to help you organise and manage your hardware. Centralise all the components of your network to make your life easier.

i7 Technologies also provides patch panels – another very useful component to have as part of your local network. Basically, it’s a wallboard mounted piece of hardware that serves as a central location to run all your wires through. The wires are most often Ethernet cables for LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).

The patch panel allows circuits to be arranged and rearranged by plugging and unplugging the patch cords. This is so useful to prevent a tangle of wires trailing across your office floor, which is at best, an annoyance, and at worst, a real trip hazard. Also, this easy plugging and unplugging allows you to experiment with layouts and orders to get the absolute best from your network to make a real difference to your business.



Advantages of server racks and patch panels

  • Helps businesses manage IT assets – never get buried in cables again.
  • Use them to merge servers and keep them organised.
  • Make the most of valuable space by collecting up wires and stacking up components. If your office is on the small side, then a server rack is a brilliant way to save floor space.
  • Ensures that individuals can access the IT equipment stored inside. Equipment is laid out neatly in an easy to access way.
  • Offer better security – centralise your server and make sure that you know where it is.
  • Remove potential trip hazards – keep your employees and visitors safe in an office that looks neat and professional.
  • Functionality – collecting all the wires up together, putting your servers in racks and using patch panels will make using and configuring your network much easier.
  • Ease of installation – racks and patch panels are designed to make things easier for you in terms of installation and functionality.