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Passwords – Good Practice in your Business

Everyone hates the dreaded password but as yet nobody has come up with a better option so for the time being, we are stuck with them so the question is, how can we all make sure we are secure in our use of passwords?

What is a BotNet?

BotNets are much in the news, but do you know what they are? Our Partners ESET have produced another of their "explainer" videos that will give you a quick overview of what a BotNet is and how it is spread. If you want more information or want to ensure that you are protected, then please give us a call 01948 820787 and we will be delighted to assist.

Ransomware Explained

Our Partners ESET have released this quirky "explainer video" which introduces you to what ransomware is and what it does. We are getting more and more calls from Clients and new Customers who have been affected by Ransomware, we have several strategies to deal with this threat, feel free to call us to discuss the options you have.

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